Question Types

(Adopted from Esther Perel)

Detective Questions vs. Investigative Questions

Detective questions are those questions that focus on factual details and information that may feed painful comparisons and obsessions/ruinations rather than help you understand, make meaning, and make choices. They are DETAIL FOCUSED.

Investigative questions are a preferred alternative, and where we want to arrive. These questions probe the meaning and motives behind the action. They help you to understand and to locate yourself, your partner, and your relationship in the context of the action. They are MEANING and EMOTION FOCUSED.

Examples of investigative questions:

While these are always questions you can ask or reflect on yourself, they are also meant to increase your understanding of your relationship. This is best done in conversation with the person who is part of this relationship. These questions can be used with any loved ones and/or relationships (platonic and non-platonic) who you may be working through a conflict with.

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